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APE Energy Certification

Certificazione Energetica APE
by Agenzia Toscana 22 mag 2019

APE Energy Certification

It often happens that many owners of a building ask us what the APE energy performance certificate (ex ACE before the modifications of the decree 63/2013 - energy certification) and whether it is mandatory to supply it.
In this article, therefore, we will explain what it is and why it should be provided to the Real Estate Agency.

Let's start by saying that the APE is an important document which describes in detail the energy characteristics of a particular building to which an "energy class" is assigned.
These classes have a value scale from A4 to G and identify to the buyer the level of energy efficiency of the building.

Precisely for this reason, the obligation to draw up the energy performance certificate was introduced in the following cases:

- Real estate sale
- Real estate donation
- Lease of a building or single real estate unit
- Restructuring of a building in cases where it exceeds 25% of the surface

Even if, even today, it is constantly asked if having to provide the EPA, it should be remembered that as of 1 January 2012 it is COMPULSORY to supply the energy class of the building, in order to publish a real estate ad.
In case of violation of the current rule (with the decree of 07/2015), the failure to supply the EPA in case of sale of a property entails a penalty from € 3000.00 up to a maximum of € 18,000 to the property owner , 00.
The same applies to the lease of the property, with which the owner may incur an administrative fine from € 300.00 to € 1800.00.

The preparation of the energy certification is a simple procedure carried out by a qualified professional called an "energy certifier".
Through an inspection (mandatory), an analysis of the building carefully evaluates the characteristics of the systems, walls and fixtures, as well as the consumption and any renewable energy installations present.
Once the class has been established, it issues an official document that must be kept carefully.

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